BBC World Service - 30 Animals that made us Smarter

Live studio recording for the podcast series. This will be released in autumn 2019. You can follow the podcasts here.


Circular Economy Show  - Biomimicry, new questions for old answers.

Dr David Greenfield asks materials designer Lucy Hughes and Richard MacCowan CEO Biomimicry UK all about design solutions that mimic the natural world. Access the video recording and podcast here.


Scottish Wildlife 2019

Richard discusses how we can develop new materials inspired by the natural world. You can access the full article here.


The Ecologist 2019

Richard James MacCowan and Naomi Nakayama discuss how engineers and designers can learn a lot from the way that nature utilises diverse materials in complex ways. You can access the full article here.


TEDx York 2018

How nature views the world, and how we can learn from this.


The Disruptive Innovation Festival 2017

Live from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Richard discussed, Nature as the Technology of the Future.


Future Planet: Ocean Plastics 2017

Discussions on innovations on solving the problem of ocean plastics.


Workplace Trends 2017

Interviews with Richard and Sarah Welton (WELL Building Institute) on biophila and office design.


Housing Association Yearbook 2016

Article on health, wellbeing and the environment focusing on low-cost and housing developments. Read more here.


Landscape Institute Journal, Autumn 2016

Co-authored with Joe Clancy and Allison Hibbs the paper discusses the value of the Living Building Challenge on designing the landscape. Read more here.


GreenBIM 2015

Discussing how we can Building Information Modelling can be improved by using biomimicry.


Sunday People interview 2015

Current and future trends in biomimicry around the world in a brilliant article by Alan Selby. Read the full article here.

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