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Creating the Circular in Creativity, 24th October, York Design Week 2019

It’s more than just recycling and minimising waste and can have massive impacts on the way consider products and services, or products as services, as we move forward with fresh ideas for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We will introduce the Circular Economy Club (CEC) and how the global network of volunteers is helping shape industry for the better. CEC is the international network of over 3,500 circular economy professionals and organisations in over 100 countries. CEC is global and open. Anyone can join for free online. The network gathers architects, engineers, business leaders, researchers and makers that are resetting the world standards.

Our hands-on workshop will allow you creative freedom to explore your own challenges, or join us in exploring some of the challenges that industry is facing right now. Book online here.


How to create Smart(er)? York Design Week, 27th October 

Join us for an evening of explorative talks that look at redesigning our systems so that we may help our communities to thrive by inviting new and old ways of thinking. Talks by Richard James MacCowan from Biomimicry Innovation Lab and James Newton from Yorspace

Event details can be found here.


CEC Circular Economy Mapping Yorkshire, 14th November

Join us we cohost the Circular Economy Cities Week Mapping Session on the 14th November at the City of York Council, West Offices, Station Rise, York. For more information and to book this event, please follow the link.

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