Biomimicry UK | Innovation Lab developed from a series of discussions between a group of researchers, academics and design innovators. David Sanchez, Glenn Miles and Richard James MacCowan put together research into why a network of scholars and industry had not developed a UK-wide system to maximise the world-leading offerings in the UK.

This network has now developed into what Biomimicry UK | Innovation Lab is today, a non-profit consultancy and think-tank.

Although we have a small core team, we have collaborated with leading engineers, physicists, artists, designers, to name but a few. Our work has led us across the globe, with diverse work ranging from landscape architecture through to superyacht design. No project, event, or workshop is the same. We are continually developing our skills as we learn more from our collaborators and nature itself.

Join us on our journey!


Our Method

We challenge the belief that innovation is inherently unreliable and have spent the past few years developing the methods, building those models and assembling the collaborators to make innovation a predictable driver of growth and development.

The pursuit of resilient strategies is not a one-off; its basis is a systematic set of innovations that are continually required to drive predictable growth. It requires simultaneously solving for the need-sets of the consumer and the business.

To address this Dual Problem: our approach focuses on a unique philosophy, team construct, and a process that scientific analytic reasoning alongside creative systems-thinking, that allows room for insights and strategic leaps to unlock new possibilities. 

We call this approach, Nature-inspired Innovation.



Our Work

Most great innovations don’t come from consultants - they come from entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organisations.

What drives entrepreneurs is a compelling force that aligns their challenger mentality. Namely, they have skin in the game. They don’t obsess over the process of innovation; they care only about the outcomes.

Since our inception, Biomimicry UK | Innovation Lab has harnessed this entrepreneurial approach in our development of our methods to ensure that we can align with the requirements of our clients. By using Nature-Inspired Innovation as our design philosophy, we know our ideas can’t just be interesting; they have to deliver.


"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete." 

- R Buckminster Fuller



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