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  1. Circular Economy

    18 Oct 2019

    “Biomimetics can support the path towards the circular economy by offering both conceptual and practical strategies, including ways of creating information-rich materials that transcend the current digital/physical boundaries and advanced sustainable technologies for manufacture.” - Veronika Kapsali When we think of systems in the natural world, we read about how nature recycles all…

  2. Disruptive Innovation Festival 2017

    30 Nov 2017

    Richard had the pleasure to broadcast a live studio session from the Disruptive Innovation Festival on Tuesday 7th November.   Here is a short summary of the discussions. The full interview can be found on Youtube. Talking with Marko Brajovic a talented Montenegrin architect living and working in Brazil, they discussed…

  3. join the club, the circular economy club

    29 Sep 2017

    We are delighted to announce that we are now local organisers for the Circular Economy Club in the York region This will connect us to a global network to share insights at the local level with organisations. Stay tuned for our first events. As a CEC Local Organiser, we manage the…

  4. plastic + packaging

    09 Jun 2017

    As part of the OpenIDEO Circular Design Challenge, we ran a number of workshops in York to discuss how can shift away from a linear economy to a circular economy A number of unexpected things came out of the discussions. Firstly, that teabags are coated in plastics and that waxed lemons…

  5. water in edinburgh

    06 Jun 2017

    We were invited to the Circular Economy Leaders Summit 2017 in Edinburgh held at Dynamic Earth.  150 emerging and existing leaders from in and around Scotlands water sector came together in the nation’s capital for a summit specifically designed to accelerate the pace of collaboration and innovation across the sector. This…

  6. Disruptive Innovation Festival 2016

    25 Nov 2016

    Hosted by Alex Scott-Tonge, Jack Barrie (PhD Candidate, Schmidt-MacArthur Fellow and Co-Founder of HakySak) and Richard discussed the sharing economy, regenerative cities and natural systems. The full talk can be found at the DIF website -

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