Winners of the Design Competition

Eleven Magazine Competition - Design Innovation Inspired by Nature

Having judged all the entries from the design competition (hosted by Eleven Magazine) through the various rounds, the jury decided to award the overall prize to Karina Ashrapova from Russia with her entry titled, “Symbiotic Architecture: Space of Emotional Saturation”

Her summary is as follows:

“Modern man, who is a biological species, continues to live in artificial cities. Urban environment provokes negative psychological state of the person. It is necessary to provide a symbiotic relationship between nature, technology, bio-materials and architecture for harmonization of emotional level of the person, visual ecology, urban saturation, formation of an architectural environment. For the competent shaping of architectural space and adding emotional qualities for architecture spaces, the principles of perception of an architectural environment with the natural parameters and principles of functioning of natural organisms were brought out.”

The full entry can be found here.

Well done to the runner’s up Guillian Graves & Michka Mélo with concept, ”Nautile

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