Superslippy Surfaces

Chemistry In the natural world differs from our technological problem-solving approach whereas we use a large variety of elements, in nature the lighter elements (such as Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Calcium, Phosphorous, Sulfur, Silicon etc.) With many heavy elements on the endangered list, we have seen an increase in R&D into bioinspired chemistry in the past decade.

One such example is inspired by the Pitcher Plant. Adaptive Surface Technologies, a spinout from the Aizenberg LabWYSS Institute, Harvard University managed to create a material that repels just about any liquid, including blood and oil and does so even while it is exposed to high pressure or freezing temperatures. Since it is carnivorous by nature, the ability to have a virtually frictionless surface inside its cupped leaf is crucial for its ability to capture insects or small frogs.

SLIPS® is an advanced coating with high performance and low environmental impact compared to other anti-fouling and superhydrophobic surface. SLIPS® can now be found in marine and industrial applications to minimise biofouling, and packaging to ensure that the product doesn’t stick to the packaging. You will never need to bang the ketchup bottle again!

We have links with bio-inspired chemistry labs around the world to assist you with your product development. For a brief chat about your needs, please feel to contact us to help you solve your problem.

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