We will empower your team to innovate and to move faster from concept to market success by looking to nature for solutions.


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"You have left a positive legacy with our team. "

Cristina Ramsey

Technical & CSR Director - Wessanen UK


Steps to success


We will help you identify your external and internal needs and using a variety of problem-solving tools.


There is no perfect solution, but a set of competing desires. We will work with you identify how nature solves these.


Prototyping, iterating, implementing and launching are the final stage of the process to reach success.



Trusted by organisations and innovators around the world


Our mission is to inspire and share how nature can deliver unique solutions.

We give innovators the tools, guides, and insights to help organizations boost the way they innovate.


Free tools and guides


A selection of our favourite ways to identify you solutions.


A collection of useful biological databases to start you on you journey.


Some of our favourite organisations that we've worked with and admire.

Impact hubs

Take the next step with your idea and find a community to support your venture.



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