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Nature-inspired Thinking

Our workshops on innovation taken from nature will individuals and teams a meaningful experience of how to integrate nature-inspired thinking into the design process.

By integrating design thinking and learning from nature, this offers an approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s and biologists toolkit, by taking a design science approach to translating ideas into clear strategies and offerings. Nature-inspired Thinking accelerates innovation, helping create more desirable solutions for the challenges facing business and society.

Our Work

We can offer a range of workshop lengths to suit your needs. These can range from 2 hours through to 5 full days of nature-inspired thinking. Each workshop will be tailored to your needs, be it school children wanting to learn the basics, through to business leaders wishing to develop the next innovation. The workshops will be delivered in person with a range of facilitators to meet your needs.

notable workshops

Workshop facilitation

For all workshop requests, please contact us here.

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