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Our workshops on innovation taken from nature will individuals and teams a meaningful experience of how to integrate nature-inspired thinking into the design process. We can support you as you take benefit from the range of opportunities that we develop together. 


We've developed high-impact presentations from years of practice to deliver in an informative and memorable style. We aim to build a narrative into our talks, so complex information will be given across in a relatable manner for the audience in question.


We challenge the belief that innovation is inherently unreliable and have spent the past few years developing the methods, building those models and assembling the collaborators to make innovation a predictable driver of growth and development.


Insights ground us in the real world and inspire us to think boldly about the future. They bridge observations and actions, taking us from 'What' to 'So What' to 'Now What.' Our teams look broadly at existing knowledge to tailor and focus our research efforts. We use a constantly evolving range of design research methods to immerse ourselves in the diverse people and contexts at the heart of any problem.

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