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Transition II - Material Revolution - 11/12th April 2018

The University of Huddersfield - w:   e:

Join the Department of Fashion and Textiles as we discuss the Material Revolution

At this unique event the creative, collaborative networks of academia, business, practitioners and manufacturers will explore how sustainable new technologies, innovative design and creative entrepreneurship can and are impacting on a new material world. It will shed light on the many developments that are happening now and provide expert insights into what the future might hold throughout the textile value chain.  These value chains must give rise to new ways of thinking and embrace new business models with digitization and clean high-tech manufacturing technologies that are providing the opportunity to make the sector and its products more sustainable.


Urban Futures Workshop Series May/June 2018

Come join us in London, York and Edinburgh.

Attendees will be introduced to principles & tools that enable you to go beyond a sustainable future, know where to best leverage change in a system for the greatest impact, design for resilience in urban infrastructures, build collaborations and integrate personal development and leadership tools that allow you and your team to work with inspiration every day.

Its about behaviour change and innovation. What's not to love?!

To book for these, please follow the link.


Previous events

Prince's Trust - Young Innovator's Programme, York - February 2018

Hydro-nations Leadership Series, Edinburgh - February 2018

Circular Economy Mapping Week - February 2018

Specifi Bristol - February 2018

Circular Economy: Packaging, Plastics and the Oceans, London - November 2017

RSA Engage: Leeds - November 2017

Disruptive Innovation Festival, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation - November 2017

Smart Systems Integration - Summer School, Balaton, Hungary - August 2017

One Planet York Expo, University of York - June 2017

Plastic waste in the Circular Economy, OpenIDEO, York - May/June 2017

Circular Economy Leaders Summit 2017, Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh - May 2017

Why look to nature for innovation?, School of Life Sciences, Dundee - May 2017

Product Design, Leeds School of Art, Architecture & Design - March/April 2017

European Biomimicry Alliance, Genoa - April 2017

Circular + Bio-Economy, European Environment Agency, Copenhagen - March 2017

Workplace Trends Conference, London - March 2017

VIT University, India - March 2017

Global Innovation Design, Royal College of Art - February 2017

Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany - February 2017 

Centre for Nature-inspired Engineering, London - January 2017

Disruptive Innovation Festival - November 2016

Product Design Innovation, Central St. Martins London - June 2016

Packaging Innovation, Milan Design Week - April 2016

European Biomimicry Alliance Workshop, Brussels - April 2016

Festival of the Ideas: Future City, Bristol - November 2015

European Biomimicry Alliance Conference, Mallorca - November 2015

Green Culture Fest, Montenegro - September 2015

Innovation Leadership Forum, eBay London - July 2015

Institute of Materials, Mineral and Mining, Peterborough - July 2015

Naturally-Inspired Manufacturing, Barcelona - July 2015

SuperYacht Design Week, London - June 2015

Green BIM - Leeds Sustainability Institute - April 2015

Naturally-Inspired Manufacturing, Loughborough University - July 2015

Green Vision, Leeds Sustainability Institute - February 2015

European Biomimicry Alliance Workshop, London - February 2015

Naturally-Inspired Manufacturing, Heriot-Watt University - November 2014

Nature-Inspired Design, London College of Communication - December 2014

Dundee Science Festival - November 2014

Pearce International Symposium, Stirling - August 2014

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